What to do in


What to do in Zakynthos

Zakynthos boasts an array of attractions and activities that cater to a variety of interests. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Experience Navagio Beach: This renowned beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is a top attraction in Zakynthos. Visitors flock to see the shipwreck that lies on its shore and the crystal-clear waters that surround it.
  • Discover the Blue Caves: These natural wonders are situated on the north coast of Zakynthos. Tourists can take a boat excursion to explore the caves and marvel at the turquoise waters and impressive rock formations.
  • Embark on a turtle spotting adventure: Zakynthos serves as a critical nesting site for loggerhead sea turtles, and visitors can take a tour to observe these magnificent creatures up close.
  • Go on a hike: Zakynthos has picturesque hiking trails that offer stunning views of the island’s terrain. The hike to the peak of Mount Skopos is a favorite, providing panoramic views of Zakynthos Town and its surroundings.
  • Visit the island’s wineries: Zakynthos has a budding wine industry, and visitors can tour local wineries to learn about the island’s wine-making traditions and savor tastings.
  • Enjoy the beaches: Zakynthos is home to some of Greece’s most spectacular beaches, featuring white sands and clear waters. Travelers can unwind on the shore, swim, snorkel, or engage in watersports such as jet skiing and parasailing.
  • Explore Zakynthos Town  .The island’s capital city has a charming historic center with traditional architecture, museums, and plenty of shops and restaurants to explore

Zakynthos offers a wide variety of activities, catering to those seeking relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences.With a plethora of options available, it is a perfect destination for those seeking a well-rounded vacation .

The best of beach life in Zakynthos

Every day in Zakynthos repays you in ways you could never have imagined. What does the day hold for you? Perhaps fine dining that tantalizes your taste buds with both local and international cuisine? Modernized versions of local delicacies and grilled fish at traditional tavernas? Or maybe sunset cocktails and dancing the night away to renowned DJs? Do you crave an adrenaline rush from activities like water skiing or kite-surfing? You can even combine all of these for a truly unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the most well-known Zakynthos beaches:

  1. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) .Perhaps the most famous beach on Zakynthos, Navagio Beach is known for its iconic wrecked ship that sits on its shore. The beach is only accessible by boat, but it’s definitely worth the trip.
  2. Alikanas Beach Located only few steps far away from our property Alikanas  beach is a popular destination for visitors due to its crystal-clear waters and wide sandy shoreline. The calm and shallow waters make it a great spot for swimming and other water activities. There are several beach bars and tavernas that serve delicious Greek cuisine and refreshing drinks
  3. Laganas Beach. Located on the south coast of the island, Laganas Beach is the longest beach on Zakynthos and is known for its clear waters and soft sand. It’s also a protected nesting site for caretta caretta sea turtles.
  4. Gerakas Beach. This beautiful beach is located on the southeast coast of Zakynthos and is another important nesting site for loggerhead sea turtles. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and offers stunning views.
  5. Porto Limnionas. This small cove on the west coast of Zakynthos offers crystal-clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling and swimming. The surrounding cliffs and caves make it a great place for exploring.
  6. Banana Beach. Located on the east coast of Zakynthos, Banana Beach is known for its clear waters, soft sand, and beautiful scenery. It’s also a popular spot for water sports like jet skiing and parasailing.


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